You can get weed for sale in Canada in many places. In fact, you can buy marijuana in Canada from a dealer that is licensed by the government and they will have to get it shipped to you from another location. Many people don’t think about this but if you are growing your own weed and selling it you can actually be breaking the law and you might end up in jail for it. More info –

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Weed for sale is legal in Canada, but you still need a license to get the marijuana from the grower. Most people don’t care about that part because they want to get their fix of weed fast and legally. If you were to go down this road without a license then you might end up getting slapped with a large fine or worse yet, may even be arrested and convicted. On top of that, the government may even shut down your operation if it looks like you are growing too much.

The other option you have is to go through a licensed dealer who will ship it to you. This is the best way to get quality marijuana at a reasonable price because you know that the dealer is going to get the marijuana from the grower and deliver it to you fresh. Also, the dealers who ship to you may include some extras like air holes, labels, papers and more to make sure the marijuana stays in perfect shape and potency.