Clear face shields, also known as Nd: YAG, are a great way to provide maximum protection for your lungs in the workplace. As well as being great for protection from particles and dust, they are also great for preventing and reducing the impact of high temperatures. You can find a range of protective face shields available, including those that come with a built-in fan. These types are more advanced and can be used to provide a higher level of shielding. Click Here –

Protect Your Health With Clear Face Shields

Although most workplaces have some form of protective coverings available, it is surprising just how many people do not wear them. In fact, many people who work in offices or industrial workplaces do not make use of masks at all! This can lead to serious health issues, such as shortness of breath and respiratory problems. Because of this, it is vital that you make sure that your respiratory health is being looked after. If you feel that you could benefit from wearing a clear face shield in the workplace, why not take a look at what Clear Face Shields has to offer?

Clear Face Shields is an airtight breathing apparatus that will prevent dust, dirt and airborne particles from getting to your lungs. Because it is completely airtight, the Nd: YAG won’t allow any small air particles to enter your system. It is completely safe to use, which means that there is no chance of causing any allergic reaction or irritation to your lungs. This makes it one of the most advanced, highest quality nasal and facial protectors available. It can keep thousands of microscopic respiratory droplets from entering your lungs, keeping you safe and protected from the elements.