best beginner dirt bike

Some of the sweetest and nastiest dirt bikes ever made are purpose built to run on the streets. Now dirt bikes have become even more accessible than ever, and it’s easy and fun to make them road legal. So, let’s talk about the best beginner dirt bike, right after we discuss why it is so cool to own a Husqvarna 500cc. Dirt bikes were basically designed to cross over between the open road and racing, and I’m pretty sure everyone has seen one in action. They got their start in Japan, but they’ve been around ever since.

So the question is, what makes the best beginner dirt bike? Well, if you’re looking for a bike that will take the smog and speed bumps on your local highway, then you’ve got it made. Most of these bikes are not super light weight, but they definitely are super fast. In fact, many of the dirt bike prototypes were just as quick as many street bikes. You can take the fastest bike in your local neighborhood, and it might be faster than yours when you’re riding on some grass.

But even with that said, what really makes the best beginner dirt bike is the way you handle it. If you want a bike that feels a lot lighter on the throttle because you’re not worrying about losing control of yourself while you’re going fast, then the best beginner bike is going to be a spring fork or something similar. These things put less stress on your legs and upper body, which make it much easier to control. These are great for beginners because they give you the ability to ride at a relaxed and natural pace until you feel comfortable enough to take on a more challenging trail.